Made to withstand,
Made to resist,
Made to last.

Akua Mobile introduces Akua Intense, an affordable rugged smartphone designed to keep you in touch, even in the toughest environments, combining  the Android™ Lollipop technology with robust military grade credentials* in a durable, yet nice device.

IP68 MIL SPEC 810G  –  Shock certified  –  Wet finger tracking  –  Glove-on touch technology*

Your Intense Smartphone RS3 is up to the challenge.

For those with a demanding profession or a lifestyle full of environmental challenges, a rugged smartphone with military-spec 810G protection is your best option. The Akua Intense is waterproof. It will survive immersion in 3 feet (1 meter) for up to 40 minutes.


You need a smartphone that can keep up in the fast lane.

RS3 Highlighted Features

Gorilla Glass 3

Being improved at the molecular level, the Gorilla Glass 3 screen of your RS3 is scratch resistant, it’s capable to retain its strength after the glass becomes flawed, in case you have the habit of shattering your screen.


Glove touch & Wet Fingers

With the 4.7” Gorilla Glass 3 screen, this phone is designed to survive a fall of up to 1.5m (5ft). Not to mention that it gives you the smartphones capabilities you need to stay connected while you’re in the elements, since its technology allows you to operate it while using gloves* and even with wet fingers.


Quick Gesture Controls

The RS3 Gesture Controls Capability makes it easier for you!


Water immersion

The world is our playground.


Technical Specifications and User Manual

Click here to download
RS3 User Manual (PDF)



Note to AKUA Intense RS3 users

Water Seal
Back cover of the Intense RS3 must be closed firmly to ensure water seal is activated. All seventeen nooks and clips that must be closed. If the cover is not properly closed the device will not protect against water damage.

Water Use
If the Intense RS3 is subjected to fresh water, completely dry off the charging port and the headphones port before plugging in the charger or headphones. It is normal to have some water under the back cover. Open and dry off back cover. Salt water is not covered because it has different properties.

Gloves use
We cannot guarantee that all gloves work with this feature.

Cellular network services vary by region and provider. Depending on the carrier technology (2G/3G/4G) and strength of signal at your specific location, data speeds can vary.

Intense RS3 has 16GB storage. Part of this memory holds the Android firmware. Therefore actual memory available to user is less than 16GB.

Battery life
Hours of operation per charge will vary due to variances in user device configurations such as display brightness, apps and usage frequency.

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