Whether it’s to save money on mobile data or to keep complexity down,
your FK1a is your best bet.


Easier to use,
simple and always reliable.
Wherever you are; always in touch!

Stay connected anywhere


Highlighted Features

What could be cooler than go back to the simpliest.

A FM radio signal in your phone, It’s a critical resource in an emergency, when there is no Internet or cell system.

With its external antenna connector*, FK1a allows you to increase the signal service in rural areas.

Low cost


Long battery life

A FM radio signal in your phone
that doesn’t require an Internet connection

*External antenna and antenna connector not included

Choose your color.

Unlimited tunes without data usage.

Radio simplified

Send short text messages and share memories with your friends.

Not sure about the color? Get them all!


Technical Specifications and User Manual

Click here to download
FK1 User Manual (PDF)