A Lasting Screen

The Tempered Glass screen with its elegant edges offers an epic appearance and durability.


Be Ready

In a world where information moves rapidly, quick and easy access to your phone is vital. This is where EK4e Gestures technology is very useful.

Every Detail Counts

For even more protection the new AKUA EK4e comes with a screen protector, available in four distinctive colors. Choose a color to match your style.



AKUA paid special attention in offering quality when it comes to sound.
The in-ear type headphones and the EK4e intelligent music manager are superior.


In Couples is more Fun

Thus, the new EK4e feature a camera equipped with double flash, Double Zoom and functions
where the camera is activated to take a picture just because a smile (facial recognition).
Do we speak of Double SIM?


The Power of Android®

And the diversity of Google Play® have a special role in the field offered by EK4e from AKUA.


Dance of Balance

AKUA EK4e offers a dual-core processor, 512 MB memory and 4 GB storage. These specifications allows AKUA EK4e to perform tasks efficiently, offering a nimble and smooth user experience.

Connections That Count

AKUA EK4e supports 2G (GPRS & EDGE) and 3G (HSPA+) data speeds. Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Hotspot are standards. Bluetooth wireless version 4.0 is available to connect to speakers or other BT wireless device.

Relax and get comfortable thanks to your AKUA EK4e. No need to type, no need to speak, no more jumping around your phone screen. Just slide your finger over the screen for the commands you want and relax. Gesture Command is here to make things easier.


Be Happy

EK4e Highlighted Features

Gesture abbreviated commands

While the AKUA EK4e smartphone is in standby mode, this feature allows quick access to applications, such as the camera, video or music interface, to name a few. Simply draw over the screen the first letter identifying the desired application and see it appear instantly on the display of the AKUA EK4e. What’s more, you can assign a preconfigured letter to any application by accessing the user-friendly graphical interface.

Put on your best face

Show your best angle day and night with the double digital zoom, dual-flash camera, which also has a resolution of 5 megapixels on the primary unit, and of 1.3 megapixels on the secondary one.

Walk on your own terms

Fitted with a speedometer and pedometer to monitor walked distances, burned calories and travel speed, the AKUA EK4e will help keep you in shape and on target.

Expanded capacity

The micro-SD card slot of up to 32GB lets you store as many as 18,310 pictures of 5MP, or 4 hours of MP4 video.

Sharing resources

Among the useful applications integrated in the new AKUA EK4e mobile phone, the Xender™ app is bound to become one of your favorites. It has never been so fast, reliable and convenient to share files of any type between Wi-Fi enabled devices and your cellular phone. Xender™ creates a direct link in a matter of seconds between your AKUA EK4e smartphone and another wireless device without ever incurring in charges derived from data usage.

More ways to connect

The AKUA EK4e lets you enjoy the convenience of the Bluetooth technology in your car or with your gear – camera, computer, headphones, speakers, watch, remote control, toys, smart-house, and an infinity of other devices. Now you can always be connected.




Technical Specifications and User Manual

Click here to download
EK4e User Manual (PDF)