AKUA, a fresh alternative to mobility

Miami, February 1, 2016- AKUA Mobile, the new brand of mobile telephones, enters the technology market with a fresh approach on innovation, expecting to spur a new dynamism in the mobile and telephony arena with a distinctive and original design. The brand’s vision is to offer quality phones and seamless technical support at prices that are far more affordable than what the market has seen so far.

The brand marks its entry this February with the release of its first two smartphones: the EK4 and MK5.  Both phones operate on the Android platform, with all the cool features that are part of the DNA of this advanced operating system. Equipped with dual SIM cards slots, these phones offer the flexibility of connecting to two separate networks, and conveniently manage two accounts from a single device. Dual and quad-core core processors ensure superior performance, while an SD card slot provides extra memory space, maximizing the potential of the mobile device in the digital ecosystem.

On the telecommunications front, both phones deliver a fast and reliable connectivity though a 3G quad-band wireless network, and even when outside the coverage area, users can stay productive using the Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi instant hotspot function on the device.

The concept of multitasking is redefined by the gesture-based shortcuts these new phones have. Such function is cleverly complemented by the high-resolution, 2.5D round edge tempered glass screen, which is 4.0 inches in size for the EK4 version, and 5.0 inches for the bigger model, the MK5. Some other features that set these two devices apart are the front and back cameras, which is 1.3MP and 5.0MP respectively on the former, and of 5.0MP and 8.0MP on the latter. The internal memory on the EK4 is 4GB of ROM plus 512MB of RAM, while the MK5 boasts 8GB of ROM and up to 1GB of RAM.

“Quality, reliability, responsiveness and a new level of accessibility tools are some of the attributes enriching these two new phones,” states MDG’s President Mr. Wellington Guerra. “We are breaking new ground in terms of customer satisfaction and experience, as our products not only undergo a dedicated quality control, but also with trendy accessories, such as custom earphones and a case. All these make our two products especially appealing”, he adds,  “for the new generation of teens, young adults and entrepreneurs, who care about performance as much as owning a device that is capable of keeping up with their individual lifestyles”.


AKUA is an initiative that seeks to satisfy a market segment that demands quality and service. Strategically headquartered in Miami, Fl., the brand offers a new alternative in mobile devices, currently available from MDG who serves as its exclusive distribution center in the United States, South America, the Pacific and Middle Eastern regions. For more information about our product and warranty service, we invite you to visit our website:  www.akuamobile.com.